Maharani Rice Suitable for Diabetics Basmati Rice

Our product is based on scientific knowledge, creating the perfect grain. We use special cultivars and processes to create low G.I. level rice. According to a study from Sydney University, Maharani Basmati rice is a low GI food, 'therefore, this rice is suitable for consumption in controlled amounts by people with diabetes in line with their individual dietary requirements.'

DIMENSIONS9 × 21.5 × 48 cm

What is GI?

G.I. stands for GLYCEMIC INDEX which ranks foods from 0 to 100. 0 being the glucose converting capacity of water and 100 being the glucose converting capacity of glucose itself. 

How does low GI food help in diabetes?

 The sugar in low GI foods is released at a slow pace which maintains glucose at low levels and helps the person to eat food without the worry of diabetes and its adverse effects.

How low GI Rice help in diabetes?

Many studies have shown that rice with a Low G.I. number satisfies our hunger for a longer time and reduces our food cravings. And that’s not all; research has shown that there are other good reasons for eating low G.I. rice:

Your blood sugar levels rise more slowly

Helps keep the insulin levels balanced

You feel fuller for longer

Can help reduce cravings